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Sound Sessions

     This was our first EPK, and while there are thing's that we'd change now, we're still super proud of it.  Steve the Fish was responsible the video and editing, logo design and the music you hear playing behind the vid.  We had a lot to do with this project, and reckon it's a pretty good job.


     Being an Electronic Press Kit, this job took a little while.  We shot everything on a few seperate days over a few different workshops and shot the piece to camera at the recording studio of a friend of ours in Springwood, NSW.  As a little side note, if you look (not so) carefully you can see Thom behind camera, reflected in the glass.  Hey, I said it was an early one.


     The underscore took less time than you might think.  It was an idea that had been rattling around for a while just waiting for the right job to attach it to. We had a lot of fun cutting this one together.


     If you're a Music Teacher you should definitely check out Sound Sessions.

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